The Summer Module starts Monday after a four week break. The course offering is the largest to date: 41 courses total. The most popular courses right now are:

  • Introduction to Interpersonal Relationships with Professor Jeff Christianson
  • Advanced Studies in Christian Leadership
  • Church Planting in the Book of Acts with Payton Jones
  • Introduction to a Philosophy of Christian Education with Dr. Anthony Husemann
  • Fundamentals of our Faith with Dennis Barger.

If you are an active student you can register through our online student management system here. If you can’t find a course that you need please let us know ASAP. Sometimes Populi does not show all the course that are available so don’t hesitate to contact our office for help.
We are also very excited to announce that our brand new website has officially been launched. You can check it out here. We are still working on updating all the pages, but we did not want to delay its release any longer.
The University has stared a couple of new programs this Summer. They include Church Planting Courses, as well as Biblical Counseling courses. These new courses are intended to serve in the various academic levels such as certificate level, undergraduate level, and graduate levels.