Here is the email announcement we just sent out this afternoon.

So onto the big news… We are launching two new programs this fall! The first test pilot program is in conjunction with the School of Ministry. The second program is in conjunction with the School of Worship.

In the past both of these schools have only had residential programs. The accessibility of the programs were limited by geography. But with these two online programs starting, there is a new opportunity for students to participate from afar.

Right now we are calling them “test pilot programs” because the current school administrators want to ease into the arena of online education. We want to spend the next 12 months discovering the secret sauce for making these courses excellent.

We are looking for ten individuals that would be interested in enrolling in the School of Ministry test pilot program, and ten that are interested in the School of Worship. These students need to be committed to the program for the next 12 months. But here’s the catch… There is no guarantee that the program will continue beyond next Spring. The whole experience needs to be valued intrinsicly by the student because the content is excellent. This is not for the guy who is looking to get a degree. It may result in a degree over time, but we can’t make any promises.

This fall the School of Ministry students will be taking Eschatology with Professor Doug Hamp.

Students in the School of Worship program will be enrolled in the Theology or Worship course with Scott Cunningham.

We will be sorting through the applications over the next two weeks so if an individual is interested now is the time to submit an application. To apply click here. For more information (fees, admissions, course descriptions) click here.