A couple of weeks ago I was looking over the curriculum for a new course. As I read over the homework assignments I came across an evaluation instrument that was incredibly simple, but very helpful.

The instructor, Melinda Sprague, was given the task of developing our third teaching practicum. This is one of the required courses for students going through the Christian Education program. Melinda spent the weekend considering how to approach the course and what should be required. In the past students have done some journalling and worked with a mentor. But Melinda wanted to take the course to a new level.

What she came back to me with was a rich program that will serve many future students. I was specifically impressed with the evaluation tool that would be filled out by the student-teacher and their mentor. Melinda developed it so that the right questions are being asked and the student can’t help but grow as they work their way through it.

There were actually two different instruments that she developed. We thought we would give away one for free. This could be a very helpful tool for any school administrator working with new students.

Click here to download the .pdf document.