Classes start next week and we have a whole lot of courses available for students. Over the next couple of days we are going to profile each program and share what courses students can take. To start off, we are going to share what courses are available from the Christian Education Program.

Undergraduate Courses

  • ED 217 Computer Applications in Education
  • ED218 Introduction to School Management
  • ED229 Introduction to Current Issues in Education
  • ED232 Introduction to Guidance and Counseling
  • ED241 Introduction to Philosophy of Education
  • ED243 Materials & Techniques of Reading Instruction
  • ED 245 Principles of Instruction and Methods
  • ED 248 Introduction to Classroom Management
  • ED261 Introduction to Elementary History Instruction
  • ED262 Introduction to Advanced Teaching Methods
  • ED272 Introduction to Teaching Physical Education
  • ED277 Introduction to Teaching Secondary Science
  • ED278 Introduction to Special Education
Graduate Level Courses
  • ED517 Technology in the Classroom
  • ED518 School Management
  • ED529 Current Issues in Education
  • ED532 Guidance and Counseling
  • ED541 Philosophy of Education
  • ED545 Instruction and Methods
  • ED562 Teaching Methods
  • ED575 Secondary School Curriculum
  • ED582 Considerations of Learning and Instructional Practice
Feature Faculty