Whatever God has for you, we are here to help. Calvary Chapel University  is a unique program distinct from other Calvary Chapel colleges. It is not in competition with the Bible College, the School of Ministry, School of Evangelism, or Veritas Seminary.  In fact, CCU compliments what those other educational institutions offer.

The goal of CCU is to provide practical training for church members so they can glorify Jesus in their homes, their church and their community. CCU is specifically interested in training people in roles that have often been considered secular. We believe that salvation holds claim to all aspects of an individual’s life, religious and secular. Therefore, we are attempting to provide courses that train Christians to serve as Christians in society.

CCU is also interested in providing training for church leaders who are engaged in administrative roles in the church. Those roles include church finances, ethics, accountability, technology, social work, Christian education, women’s ministry and office management.

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