Patricia Herrera 2

I just wanted to share with you that we recently had a consultant visit our school, [Calvary Christian School in Old Bridge, New Jersey], and share some professional development workshops with the staff. She was highly recommended and charges thousands of dollars for her workshops. I and several of my colleagues, who studied at CCU, were pleasantly surprised that, for the most part, everything the consultant said was a review from what we had learned in your program. There were a few resources and tips and tricks she shared that we could add to our toolbox, but the theories, recommendations and teaching strategies were familiar concepts that we had learned at CCU. It was reassuring to know that the information we are learning in your program is very comprehensive and up to date. I feel that I have a great advantage, having studied in the online program at CCU. It was very convenient, affordable and a pleasure to interact with the staff and fellow student professionals. I am eager to complete my second Master’s degree [in Christian Education] at CCU and look forward to continuing my education as a life-long learner. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.