V Czeluzniak GED TO PHD Cover

Miami, FL – If you have ever felt like you don’t measure up or life does not give second chances, then you will love Dr. Vernon Lee Czelusniak’s first book, FROM GED TO PHD. In this autobiography, he takes you on an emotional journey through his personal struggles, leading you through his decision to return to school, which ultimately led to obtaining a GED, Master’s and PHD. This awe-inspiring book will not only move you, but will empower you to believe that with a little guts and a lot of faith, you can accomplish anything! Be prepared to sit back and get ready to be engaged, encouraged and awakened to the concept of “reaching higher” for what you want in life. Dr. Czelusniak describes his drive to succeed as the realization that as long as you have air to breathe, determination and are able to visualize the mountain peaks of life, you have to keep climbing. There’s a higher mentality that gets you to where you want to be.

Dr. Czelusniak encompasses what it means to rise up from a dark past and become a successful, educated and well-centered man. If this book does not inspire you to do more, be more and step up to follow your dreams, then I don’t know what will.

Dr. Vernon Lee Czelusniak currently resides in Miami, FL with his beautiful wife, two children and six grandchildren. He is constantly “reaching higher”. This will be the first of many books he plans to write to inspire people from all walks of life.

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