Calvary Chapel University is excited to announce the Grand Opening of our Personal Enrichment Program!  This program is designed for those who want to enrich their lives and ministries in a deeper way.

Introduction to Youth Ministry

So now you’re in youth ministry! It’s amazing to see God use you in the lives of young people! You feel blessed to have the opportunity!

But, now you have some questions that maybe you never had to think about before. How do I work well with parents and become a family friendly ministry? How do I stay spiritually fresh? How do I deal with difficult people? What do I do when I’m dealing with discouragement, and how do I build and develop a team of leaders?

PEN104: Introduction to Youth Ministry was designed for you! This easy to use 8-week course is designed to walk you through many of the questions that youth workers struggle with in ministry. You’ll hear directly from youth workers who have been in student ministry for decades, you’ll read some helpful materiel that will get your creative juices flowing in regards to team building and church leadership, and you will start implementing some of these concepts in your ministry right away!

This is just the beginning! Coming January 2016 Calvary Chapel University will offer a Bachelors degree in Youth Ministry!

So register today for this great opportunity to grow in your ministry and your faith!


Need to Complete Your Philosophy of Christian Education Requirements for ACTS/ACSI Certification?

The Philosophy of Christian Education!
Teachers will benefit greatly from a new personal enrichment course,  This 8 week course will take the students through the required texts, videos and final paper required by ACTS and ACSI for certification. The course is only $25 and students will finish with a solid sense of the history and philosophy of Christian school education as well as their own personal philosophy of education.  At the end of the course, students will receive a signed form showing completion of the ACTS or ACSI Philosophy of Education Requirement.  This is a great way for the students to fulfill the requirements with their peers and a directed study of the materials.


Strengthening Your Marriage

For better or for worse?  Whichever term describes your marriage, the Bible has the answers to make it (even) better! That’s because God has designed marriage to be a relationship of deep unity and strength.

This Personal Enrichment course is designed as a guide for husbands and wives to study together.  Each section in this eight-week module offers true hope and help where couples need it most.

Despite the challenges that married couples face today, marital harmony need not be considered an impossible ideal (if both are willing to do the homework).  The required weekly assignments will bring you together relationally, shape your biblical thinking, and you can expect to have some fun while Strengthening Your Marriage!  Sign up today.


Check out the video below from Pastor andCCU Biblical Counseling instructor Jeff Christianson on this new course

Heart for Missions?

Go! Missions. Join us as we explore God’s heart for missions. Region by region, we will learn about culture, world religions, language, and testimonies from missionaries serving abroad. Curriculum focuses on God’s love for all people of the world and the biblical mandate for His church to GO and make disciples of all nations through prayer, intentional evangelism, practical discipleship, and church planting. We’ll take an in depth look at the challenges and opportunities associated with reaching the world today.

These non-credit courses are online, flexible and affordable!  Courses range from understanding other religions from a Biblical perspective to topics to enhance your Women’s Ministries, to the importance of Israel in prophecy and more.  It is our desire to help equip you to be used for your best and highest purpose.  All of our courses are designed by experts in their field of study and offer robust discussions for learning enhancement.  Now take online courses at your convenience without the demanding rigor of a degree level course.


Intro to the Book of Acts

This course is designed to introduce you to the New Testament book of Acts. In this course we will make a full examination of the Biblical events as found in the book of Acts. In the eight week course we could never cover all twenty-eight chapters of Acts adequately; therefore we will cover the major events found in the book of Acts.

Course Objectives Upon completion of the course the student will:

  1. Have an understanding of the primary events of Acts.
  2. Be able to explain the birth if the Church.
  3. Be able to explain the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Be able to explain how the book of Acts fits into the plan of God.
  5. Develop a foundational understanding of early Apostolic Church history.


Introduction to Ephesians

Course Overview: Ephesians is a very important book in the New Testament documents. Within it, we discover and explore important doctrines of the Christian faith, including Paul’s teachings on spiritual warfare and the believer’s full armor of God and more. We will explore an overview, from its historical and doctrinal setting, including a verse-by-verse exposition of this epistle.


Understanding Islam

Disturbed by the atrocities in the news?  You will NOT want to miss CCU’s 8 week course Understanding Islam. This course is designed to help Christians worldwide gain a greater understanding of Islam in order to effectively love and pray for those of the Islamic religion.  Dr. Chuck Allers. who has a best selling book, The Evolution of a Muslim Democrat, has done extensive research which demystifies Islam from a Biblical perspective. A must for every Christian.


*All CCU Personal Enrichment Courses are 8 weeks and include:

  1. Biblically sound teaching
  2. Expert level courses
  3. Interactive discussion forums and
  4. Qualified Instructor

Cost is $25 per course.  No application fee