Mark 1:1-20

John the Baptist was an Old Testament prophet in a New Testament world…you ever feel a little “out of place?”  It may be God’s plan for you:)

All the people in Judea and Jerusalem went to hear him…ALL…

God will give you a platform to share His message through you…look for it and humbly speak the message you are given to share.

“Immediately” is a season and sometimes when God wants to
Move you or move in you it will be “immediately “…roll with it:)

We see the the trinity in Mark 1:10-11…Spirit is descending, Voice is God the Father and Son is Jesus…

Spirit can and will drive us all into a wilderness season to fight Satan and our demons but God’s Grace will be there with you and we will never know the amazing grace for things like sickness, dying, persecution, etc until we have to go through them.  Those times are always among our most intimate and memorable with God…do not fear them.

Finally, Jesus calls Peter and Andrew who are casting nets as His evangelists and John the apostle of Love and James who are mending nets as his “counselors” or shepherds.

God’s call on all our lives is perfectly aligned with how he made each of us…go and “you do you!”

Be yourself, walk in faith and not fear and today…try and have some fun in YOUR call and life, even if like John the Baptist you feel a “little out of place.”