Mark 1:21-45

Immediately…don’t be surprised and don’t discount when the Lord does things immediately in your life…seems out of place perhaps but is actually God…when Jesus taught they were “astonished”…when was the last time God’s Word astonished you?

You can cast out demons in Jesus name…”be quiet and come out of him”…who will you run into this week who needs deep prayer and Jesus’ deliverance?

They go into Peter’s mom’s house (thus negating the Catholic idea of celibate priesthood since Peter was the “first Pope” and clearly married????)

Finally, Jesus cleanses a leper.  The Leper asked “if you are willing, You can make me clean.”

Jesus says: “I am willing be cleansed.”  Today, we can take our own sins and hurts to Jesus and he will heal your fear, hurt, anxiety, etc…look around you and be ready to stop your day and “immediately” help someone else with their leprosy as well.

Grace and Peace????????