Mark 2:13-45

Jesus walks to the sea (always a good idea:) passes by the most hated man around Levi and says to the tax collector…Follow Me!

Jesus comes to us in our sin (Levi was a thief) and rescues us if we choose to follow him…are you ok when Jesus rescues an “enemy” of yours?  Everyone hated the dishonest tax guys.

Next the Pharisees try and lay a heavy burden on Jesus by trying to make him feel guilty over fasting.  Don’t let religion or rules get in the way of your easy, gracious and Spirit led living.

Finally, the accusers are watching Jesus and his disciples as they eat grain on the Sabbath.  Again, rules, rules, rules…what are you doing and how are you living your life?


Remember to rest.  The Sabbath was made for man (you) not man for the Sabbath. In other words no guilt when you chill:)