Mark 3

Jesus entered the synagogue (are you going to church?), a man with a withered hand could no longer work…the Pharisees stood with critical spirits looking to accuse Jesus…try and avoid being critical today:)

Here is a word for you and me today:

Jesus said, “Step Forward!”  After he asked the critical religious people if it was cool to heal on Sunday (remember not to make up rules for your walk with Jesus…just REST in Him)… Jesus said, “Stretch out your hand!”

“And he stretched it out, and his hand was restored as whole as the other.”

Today, stop and pray for one person who may need prayer to stop being critical of God or of being critical of your walk with Jesus.  Then let’s pray for healing for someone we know who could use prayer for healing.  Perhaps that is YOU.

Today, “Lord we ask for a healing touch for each of us and those we love.  We ask for peace, Grace and outright abundant and personal healing for those we touch by faith now, in Jesus’ name, amen.”