Mark 5:21-43

Jesus “crossed over again by boat to the other side…”

He was by the sea????????????

Back and forth, back and forth…sometimes Jesus takes us back and forth…

Jesus was constantly interrupted as he went wherever he went…ministry is everywhere…people are everywhere…

Jairus’ daughter is “at the point of death,” So, Jesus went with him…”

Who needs you to “go with them today?”  Just take a walk with the downcast, sorrowful, anxious and hurting person God brings our way today…

Remember, if you are feeling down or depressed when you reach out to another hurting soul you
May find yourself strangely healed of your hurt and pain…

While Jesus is helping Jairus a hurting and broke woman with a bad physical condition comes up and touches Jesus believing He CAN and WILL heal her…”Immediately the fountain of blood was dried up,” and she was healed!

She then has to meet Jesus and has a choice to lie and cover up or be truthful.  She tells the truth because her boldness broke the socially acceptable barriers all around her and Jesus loved it!  Once she came clean Jesus said,
“Daughter, your faith has made you well.  Go in peace and be healed of your affliction.”

While…concurrently and simultaneously as this is going on Jarius’ daughter dies…the very purpose of Jesus’ walk with Jairus is interrupted by this woman who just got healed and caused Jesus to not make it in time to heal Jairus’ daughter.

How do you feel when Jesus appears to not meet your most intimate need while blessing someone else in what appears to be “instead of blessing my need?”

Don’t worry!  Jesus can do more than one thing at a time and life is not a “zero sum game.”  A blessing for someone else does not mean no blessing for you.

When news of Jairus’ daughter death comes, Jesus simply says, “Do not be afraid only believe.”

Jesus then arrived amongst crying, wailing, broken dreams and expectations, heartbreak and likely some

He simply sets everyone out of the room except family and looking at the dead little girl says, “Little girl, I say to you arise.”

Jesus raised three people from the dead.  Lazarus, Jarius’ daughter here and the son of the widow of nain.

Today, let’s go for it!  Let’s go out of our way for someone.  Let’s be inconvenienced for someone.  Let’s allow ourselves to be interrupted by someone.  Let’s allow the healing work of the Holy Spirit  to heal someone as we walk through the days business.  Then, ready…?  Let’s let God raise from the dead that which He and who he brings our way…