Mark 6:45-52

Jesus takes tired disciples to Bethsaida (house of provision) to rest and get recharged while Jesus sends (not the disciples) the multitudes away.

Jesus goes to a mountain to pray and the disciples are sent to the house of provision in a…boat…again…within a storm…again…the disciples are “straining at rowing for the wind was against them.

Perhaps today, we can rest in “our boat” and stop straining. Jesus already calmed the sea once with “peace be still.”  Now, He simply starts to walk ON the water.  The disciples misunderstand Jesus…again…and put wrong motives and interpretations on Jesus. They supposed it (not HE) was a ghost…”for they all saw Him and were troubled.”

“But immediately He talked to them, ‘be of good cheer it is I, do not be afraid.”

Let’s be careful of “vain imaginations”. Those thoughts and ideas in our hearts and heads that cast aspersions on others, work to accuse others or are critical of others.

“Then He went into the boat with them and the wind ceased.  And they were greatly amazed in themselves beyond measure and marveled.”

Jesus, was just wanting to get the fellas to a place of rest…rest…the multitudes were gone, they had transportation in a boat, all they had to do was just rest. Instead they strained at rowing “against the wind”, misunderstood their friend coming to them, learned that their reaction to this test mirrored their experience with the loaves, “For they had not understood about the loaves because their heart was hardened.”

What caused their hearts to be hardened in the loaves and fish miracle?

Why was that still relevant in this lesson?

Perhaps, they were walking in natural solutions to supernatural opportunities?


BTW Mark does not mention it here because likely Peter was transcribing much of this book via Mark but in John and Matthew, this is the passage where Peter walks on water too…interesting.  Paul was bone tired, scared out of his mind, hungry, and yet willing at the Word of Jesus to step out of the boat…what about me?  What about you?