Mark 8:12-38

Jesus goes back and and asks “How is it you do not understand?”

The disciples did not see how, that in two miracles of feeding people, Jesus gave them 12 baskets of leftovers (one for each of them) and 7 Large baskets (signifying completion).

The disciples were not paying attention to the details Jesus was giving them to teach them the larger lessons of faith.

Where are you and I missing the small and subtle details God is trying to teach us in today?

Jesus then takes a blind man by the hand…tender…close…intimate…meaningful…the man is given a progressive healing…”and he was restored and saw everyone clearly.”  Look for and don’t be sad as God progressively heals you or grows you from one area of weakness to a better place in your life.

Give other people room to grow and heal progressively too!

Peter confesses Jesus is the Christ and then misses the whole reason Jesus came to earth…and has to get a rebuke…

“Get behind Me, Satan!”  Yikes, let’s make sure we are not making Jesus in our image today.

Finally, Jesus reminds us to, “deny (ourselves), himself and take up (our), his cross daily.”

You are likely already taking up your cross and denying yourself daily…parenting, marriage, work, often in ministry, etc.  However, in your heart and mind how are things?  How low is our pride?  Sense of needing to be right?  Envy?  Self-seeking?

Let’s try and rejoice over where we have grown in denying ourselves and let’s ask God to show us just one thing we can give back to Him.  He wants to move through the rebuke of Peter so Peter can move forward with the mission Jesus has for him…same for you and me too????????????