Mark 9:1-13

In numbers 20 Moses strikes a rock so God can give the people water. Moses was angry and thus misrepresented God.  This one, single decision did not allow Moses to enter the promise land!

I think it is this type of story without full context that causes the world to despise Christianity.  If one single bad choice can invoke the wrath of God and disqualify you and me…well then, no thanks, the world may say.

“After six days Jesus took Peter, James and John, and led them up on a high mountain apart by themselves and He was transfigured before them.”

Well, the boys get front row seats to a little heaven on earth…must have been amazing.

Jesus had an inner circle of 3…who is in your inner circle?  Who is you 2:38 AM call to come get you on the freeway crew?  Who would call you?

“…And Elijah appeared to them with Moses and they were talking with Jesus…”

What were they talking about?  Really?  I wonder what the topic was?

“How was your flight from heaven Mo?”  Jesus may have asked?

“Mine was bumpy, hit the upper stratosphere and …phewwee…fugget…about…it!”  Eli may have noted.

The disciples are freaked out…let us build you guys each a tabernacle…”for they did not know what to say.”

Sometimes when God moves in your life and my life it is best to just be quiet.  No movement.  No strategy.  No planning or working…just BE.

Now, back to Moses…have you ever felt like you have made a mistake…perhaps THE mistake, that if anyone knew of it, they would surely think very differently of you?  In fact you are certain that God may say Love you but that ONE decision you made “back then” has completely disqualified you from ministry, marriage, monetary gain, etc.  You may be smiling on the outside but inside you are always filled with fear others will find out and certainty that God has set a limit on how He will use you moving forward…but…for you…always on a leash.

Well, good news!  Moses was a murderer.  He was meek but got angry.  The murder did not disqualify him from entering the promise land.  It was anger in misrepresenting God.  How is your self-control?
Well…there is a slight catch here.  Moses never made it into the promise land with the tribes because he was living under the law.  He did however make it in to the promise land here…on Mt. Hermon…in Israel…the promise land…with Jesus…under grace.You and I will never make it into our promise land under the law.  However God’s mercies are new EVERY morning!  We are living in the grace dispensation or era.  Every minute of every day is a fresh start!!Today, give your guilt, hurt, fears, disappointments and mostly the lies Satan has told you to the Lord!Today, you are invited by Jesus to be with Jesus on YOUR Mt. of Transfiguration. Today, be set free and be ready to see a little heaven on earth in your life.Pass this message of redemption and great love and hope on to a friend.