Mark 11:1-15

Jesus moves from the House of Figs and House of Dates, (Bethpage and Bethany), and tells His disciples to “go into the village opposite you, and as soon as you have entered it you will find a colt tied, on which no one has sat.  Loose it and bring it.  If anyone says to you why are you doing this? Say, The Lord has need of it and immediately he will send it here.”

So, Jesus tells His disciples to take the Donkey by faith.  It would have been awkward to sort of…steal a donkey, right?  Remember, God has created “these works beforehand that we may walk in them.”
God may ask you to do something very scary and dangerous today…don’t worry about it just obey, He has gone before you. ????

Folks spread palms and leaves in front of a Jesus as they anticipate a savior politically not spiritually, completely missing the point of Jesus’ coming.

The withered fig tree speaks of God’s love, and selection of the Jews, as His chosen people.  The visit by Jesus was during Passover (March or April).  Figs bear fruit in May-June but start to bud in March or April.

Like the Jews, this tree that was chosen to bare fruit simply bore none.  In fact, this tree like Israel was not even budding and thus would not bare fruit at all in the coming season.

Jesus then picked up a new branch (Gentiles) and grafted us on to the Fig tree of promise (Jews) so our relationship with God might create a holy jealousy in the Jews, in order to bring them back to the Love of YHWH and to fulfill their Devine destiny.

Remember, God may be using people and circumstances to help get you and me back into the center of His will for us too.  Let’s let Him. We can also pray for those we love today who also may be “off center” with the Lord too.