Mark 13:1-2

Soooo…little darker theme here.

One of Jesus disciples is trying to make “small talk” and says, “Teacher see what manner of buildings are here!”

Jesus blows right through the platitudes and says , “do you see these great buildings?  Not one stone shall be left upon another, that shall not be thrown down.”

He is referring to THE Temple.  Possibly the greatest building ever built. Remember under Titus the Romans destroyed the Temple to get to the gold that had melted and seeped between the stones.  Completely…destroyed…Temple…and a way of life…

Think about the most amazing thing you can that could never go away…Twin Towers in NYC…historical ruins destroyed in Syria…London Bridge (the original is now in Lake Havasu, CA)…perhaps a relationship, marriage, business partnership, church or para church
Ministry, other dreams of yours that at one point felt unassailable…but is now gone…there are times when destruction, though shocking, can actually be a tool used by God in our lives to move us forward.

Remember Legion?  Delivered from 6000 demons and just wants to follow Jesus and the Lord tells Legion, “no.”  That no led Legion to minister in the 10 Cities who hated him, feared him and had ostracized him.

The “no” from Jesus the destruction of your “Temple” or “security” can be used by God to make us all more like Him and bring others into the kingdom.

This event and the Olivet discourse tomorrow will be the eventual ticket to the Gospel spreading around the world…just hard to go through it initially.

So, remember, Jesus said, “tho I am with you always…” and, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”