Mark 14:10-26

“Then Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went to the Chief Priests to betray Him to them.  And when they heard it, they were glad, and promised to give him money.  So they sought how he might conveniently betray Him.”

Judas is on “bad choice” road here.  Think about this:

Judas goes to the very spiritual leaders who have been trying to disrupt, discourage and destroy Jesus and his ministry.  That would include Judas’ ministry too.

These guys are “glad” to hear one of Jesus’ inside guys is ready to betray Him.  Then, after Judas comes to them, they offer some money to Judas.  Lastly, they try and figure out how “he” (Judas) may conveniently betray HIM, (Jesus).


These religious leaders are relentless and unrepentant.  They are using Judas even though Judas thinks he is controlling the action.  They hope to have Judas do their “dirty work” while they stay above the fray.

That never, ever works out that way for anyone.  Let’s try and consider our motives today.  For the sake of our ministries and families let’s please consider what we are doing and why.  Remember, like Judas, you have free will.  No one is duping you and you will always have a way of escape when temptation to be a “Judas” comes your way.

Consider this:

Judas was likely sitting on the left of Jesus in a place of honor when he was given the first of four warnings or chances to repent.

1. One of you will betray me.

2. The one who dips in the dish.

3. Go do what you must do.

4. Do you betray the Son of God with a kiss?

Today, who can you and I give one more bit of grace to even if they are betraying you.  Today, listen to the Lords warnings in our lives so we can avoid betraying others and importantly avoid destroying the very ministry God has given us to do, that would come down like Judas’ came down, if we end up the betrayer of Jesus.

Question: Judas appears to have gone to religious leaders to betray Jesus and was then offered money.  What was his main reason for betraying Jesus?  How does this speak about our (your and my) motivations in ministry and life?