Mark 14:53-72

You are so VERY valuable.  In fact, YOU are the pearl of great price spoken of in the Bible. How do I know?  Jesus refuses to defend himself against false accusations and false witnesses in order to follow HIS call to the cross to die for my sins and your sins in order to give us a shot at eternal life…in heaven…with Him!

Jesus is led away “to the high priest and with him all the chief priests and elders and scribes.  But Peter followed Him at a distance right into the courtyard of the high priest.”

All the religious leaders are now together which is why they could not agree on much.  Peter is still bold but following at a distance all the way into the courtyard…bold Peter!

When asked if He is the Christ, Jesus said, “I am.”  That is the first hand testimony many apologists are looking for, and Jesus now gives them as it relates to His divinity spoken of by Him on earth…sound doctrine:)

Peter’s journey gets sad and difficult here as he fulfills Jesus prophetic word that he would deny Jesus three times.  Here bold Peter is trying to wiggle away from a little girl who is a tattle tale on Peter.

Sometime we can all just simply lack the courage and faithfulness to do the right thing even when we really do want to do right.  Don’t be so hard on yourself .  Remember, Peter is likely transcribing this story to Mark about himself.

Thankfully Jesus is focused on His call and goes through withering accusations, people start to hit him and the worst is yet to come…except it is all to save YOU and me!  God’s ways are not our ways, they are higher!  Rejoice today that Jesus went through all this for you. Today, you will be fruitful, completing all God has for you too!