Proverbs 25

“These are the Proverbs of Solomon which the men of Hezekiah king of Judah copied:”

Ok, have you ever thought about the fact that this richest and “wisest man” in history, Solomon, wrote so many of these “words of wisdom?”  His mom (Bathsheba) and dad (King David) had committed adultery.  He disobeyed God and had hundreds of horses and hundreds of wives and concubines.  He ended his own life simply saying everything, the very end of all things is, “vanity.”

But, it is right here that we clearly see God’s Grace.  Even an Old Testament leader experienced God’s Grace.  How much more you and I?  Do you drink from the Grace well lovingly provided for you by your wonderful Heavenly Father?

Today, stop judging yourself by standards that you make up on your own.  Release…surrender…it is ok to not hit every “goal” or “expectation” you have placed on yourself.  Let God lead you from today on.

Last thing, the men of Hezekiah had to have just hung out together…a lot…talking…sharing…listening to God’s Word come to them orally and as they wrote the WORD down, they must have been immeasurably blessed.

Want something amazing to begin in your life?  Find your K-HOUSE…that is find your local and intimate Koininia place of small group, core group, fellowship or whatever you call it.  Hang with other believers who are love to read, listen to, talk about and write down the WORD of God.

Watch your life accelerate in Grace, Grace and the “peace that surpasses all understanding!”