James 2:1-13

Faith is defined as “the assurance of things hoped for and conviction of things not seen.”

So, we all want to know two fundamental questions in this world:

1. Why am I here (purpose).

2. Where do I go when I die (destiny).

Faith in Jesus answers both of these questions.  First, you and I are here to choose (free will) to receive by grace the free gift of eternal life through the life, love and sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, if we should choose to.  Second, His plan for our lives is an amazing one and unfolds for each of us perfectly moment by moment as we are in relationship with Jesus.

Remember, “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.”

But  “Apart from Me (Jesus) you can do nothing.”

Is life grinding to a standstill for you in some part of your life?  Perhaps you can simply pray to the Lord:

“Jesus, today I choose you, forgive me Jesus, be my Savior, cleanse me and please, please help me, amen.”

Outside of our relationship with Jesus we never really get to the peace, joy and hope of a life fully complete and flourishing because we simply have not chosen to receive the best God has for us.

In James 2 it says: “do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory, with partiality.”

This means once we are Christians we should not look at others for what they can do for us but instead how we can best serve them.  Rich, poor, healthy, infirmed, it should not matter.  We can love everyone and help everyone without partiality.

Remember love People and use money.  Don’t use people and love money.

Finally, “mercy triumphs over judgment.”  Today, the free gift of salvation is available to all.  Is there anyone you can share the Gospel with today?  Don’t be put off by their appearance because we can love without partiality!  In your life too, today ask God to show you His love and kindness and wonderful provision for you too. If you are worn out and tired, Jesus wants to reach into your life today with a gentle “kiss on your cheek” and personal blessing of mercy just for you!