James 2:14-26

“Faith without works is dead.”

Remedy:  Do something to HELP SOMEONE God places in your path today.

Remember “Rahab the harlot (was) also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out another way.”

Rehab was a prostitute, she was an outcast but believed in God.  She let Israelite spies into her home and helped them, then sent them away to avoid being caught.  She also lied for them.  Then she marries one of the spies and has a son.

Later, three women lose their husbands and wander in a foreign land, alone, lost, no hope or future.  Orpah kisses her mother in law and leaves her but Ruth clings to her mother in law Naomi…faithfully.  One day she is gleaning grain and the owner of the field notices her. They meet and later get married and have babies of which one is eventually in the line of King David and eventually Jesus!

The man Ruth married is named Boaz.  He is the son of Rahab the prostitute.  AMAZING GRACE!

So, remember today, your faith mixed with works even if it is a little “uneven”with your character like Rahab, who was a prostitute, liar and likely worse, or Ruth who’s life seemed totally hopeless and with no possibility of redemption . . . . .God will provide a moment, (Rahab’s was by faith taking in the spies), and (Ruth’s was going to a foreign country with her mother in law knowing there was no hope), where the very smallest act of faith (doing something to HELP SOMEONE God brings your way), will in fact make all the difference in your life in a wonderful and intimate way!

Today, let’s pay attention for the opportunity to HELP SOMEONE, it could be the beginning of you actually discovering your destiny as well!