Proverbs 18:21

“The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.”

Simple message today.  Our tongue and what comes out of our mouth will bring death to people today or life.

How can we know which will occur?  “Guard your heart for out of it springs the issues of life.”

What is in your heart and my heart will ALWAYS come out of our mouth. The important thing is to try and humble ourselves to the point that it is Jesus and that sweet surrender that comes when we are “like a weaned child,” that allows us to simply rest on His bosom and allow His perfect will to engage our hearts and minds.

So, today, let’s try to not demand our own way, yell (too much), ???????? at the kids, manipulate relationships or “sowing discord among the brethren,” stuff like that.

Instead, let’s try and quiet our hearts into Jesus, rest IN Him, look for opportunities to speak life, hope, faith, love and encouragement to each other.

No more phony stuff that moves us along in our agenda.  No more manipulating friends and family with false guilt, weird cages that shackle people, and make them feel small, and please no more self satisfying language that puffs up one and brings down another.

Who can use a simple word from you, to bring life and a fresh perspective to today? Remember when God used one person, one encounter, one touch, one word, in your life?  It changed everything for you, in a very positive way, remember?!

Today, discipline your tongue to ONLY speak LIFE…to each person, one at a time that you encounter.  Try it!  Watch for the joy and freedom you begin to reap as you sow WORDS OF LIFE all around you today!????????????????????????????????