Psalm 14

“Only fools say in their hearts, there is no God.”
Is this you today?  Are you denying God even exists?  If you are a Christian it is not likely.  However, how much of our “Christian” lives do we act as if “there is no God?”How are things going for you?  Could a little humility help you today?  How about a simple conversation with God (prayer), about something you are wondering about, sad about, struggling with?  Perhaps there is a BIG thing that is overwhelming you and your solution revolves around meds or substances or other escapes.This psalm describes the fool’s behavior as, “corrupt, evil actions, never learning, wouldn’t think of praying, terror gripping them” and more.  If you have never asked Jesus to be YOUR SAVIOR, simply pray: “Jesus, please forgive me of my sins, be my Savior, protects and guide me Lord, amen.”

If you are a Christian take comfort in this: “…”but the Lord will protect his people.” That means YOU.  God WILL protect you!  Also, “when the Lord restores his people, Jacob will shout with joy, and Israel will rejoice.”  Want Joy?  Return back to God, face down

Remember the entire Bible is the greatest adventure and redemption story ever!  Israel who was chosen by God…CHOSEN, ran the other way.  Same with you and me.  So, when we act like fools, there is a simple remedy, RETURN, REPENT, be REFRESHED.
Today, let’s stop living our so called Christian life like fools, where we move forward in our own wisdom, strength, ideas and instead humbly talk to God, (prayer).  Then we can

“be still and know He is God,” get His plan and allow “godliness with contentment is great gain” to envelop us as we walk in His Grace, peace and hope everlasting!