Revelation 1

John was isolated on Patmos.  The Alcatraz of its day.  He had seen all his friends martyred. He was…ALONE.  But it was here he saw heaven.  In his despair he saw into heaven…he heard Jesus’ voice like a trumpet. It caused John to “turn” to see what he had heard.

Remember John lived with Jesus for three years.  But when he heard Jesus’ voice it caused him to turn…and he actually saw THE SON OF MAN…Jesus in His glorified body…not at all like the comely Jesus in Isaiah.

John was placed in a radically new location physically so he could experience Jesus spiritually in a radically new way so that, he could receive a new revelation or unveiling to be transcribed for you and me.

Where do you sense the Lord is placing you or has placed you in what seems like an isolated and sad and scary place?  Could it be you are not being punished, but instead are being preserved and placed in a place for something greater, amazing and well beyond anything you have ever experienced?

Today, let’s be open to not being in self pity over friends, family, dreams or memories that have been a part of our past.  Look up and allow the Lord to speak fresh and new to us because…like John, even though he had been with Jesus for thee years, when he “turned” and heard Jesus’ voice, “I fell at His feet as if dead.”

Amazing…humility and power mixed together.  Remember Revelation is all about…the Lord who:


He still has amazing things in store you you and me today!  ????????????????