In Revelation 1, John is commanded twice by Jesus to “write the things you see.”  First, he is “In the Spirit.”  Are you?

In the Spirit?  How does one get in “the Spirit?”

Let me suggest if you “are in Christ you are a new creation.”  So, once saved, the Holy Spirit is already living inside your heart.”  At salvation, the Spirit has been invited as a “seal” to dwell in your body.  We are told our “body is the temple of Christ.”

The real question then, perhaps is this,  are you and I available and will we be obedient to what God is actually asking of us or directing us to?

Later, after John is initially obedient, he is given more opportunity and responsibility.  He is told now to, “write the things that were, are and will be.”  He is given the honor of writing the divine outline and eventually the entire book of Revelation which is the glorious end of the ultimate love story of God pursuing His bride (you and me and of course ultimately the Jews), and redeeming us for His glory and an eternity of “eye has not seen nor ear heard, nor entered into the heart of man the things God has prepared for us…”

Amazing…but it all starts with being saved…are you?  Anyone you can lead to the Lord today?  Then, are you and I willing to say yes when the Holy Spirit guides and directs us to go somewhere or do something that for each of us, may be really hard?

“Obedience is better than sacrifice.”  So, today let’s try and obey the small prompting from the Holy Spirit in our lives.  You will be so encouraged and blessed when the actual plan God has for you is so much more amazing than what your fears told you to avoid.

God’s love for you is immeasurable and it is His “perfect love casts out fear,” that is fully available for you today ????????????