In Revelation 3 we read:

Behold, I have set before you an OPEN DOOR.

Three things:

1. Jesus is the door.  Are you aware He is open in every way for you and your needs?

2. Jesus stands at the door and knocks.  Do you hear what He is directing in your life?  Are you close enough to Him as the door,  and at the door, that you are aware of Him desiring to come in and be even closer to you?

3. When the disciples were praying for Peter, he literally showed up and Rhoda closed the door on him.

Think about it!  God literally answered their prayers while they were praying for Peter and they “missed it!”

Let’s stop right now and consider where God has already answered your most fervent prayer, but you in your routine or familiarity have simply closed the open door of blessing on the “Peter” God has brought to your open door, because it may not have looked like what, or how, you thought God should or could answer your prayer.

Be blessed today as you see God meet and exceed your most immediate and intimate prayers.

BEHOLD, I have set before you a OPEN DOOR  ????????

Love you!