“If ANY MAN hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

Guess what!?  You are…IF ANY MAN!  Jesus is extending a very personal and intimate invitation for each of us to choose to, or not to join him for deep fellowship and intimacy.

What makes you pause when you hear an open invitation like this?

1. Do you think it is a trick?
2. What is the “catch?”
3. Have you been hurt or “burned ” before and have a hard time trusting?
4. Don’t have time?
5. Doubt, and unbelief enter in because your fear of being let down is as great as your fear it really could be a GREAT thing …but then you would be forced to grow and change some more…again.

Not sure why we don’t just jump at this invitation…it is exactly where we are in our reading…why do we pause?  What would the fruit be if we just OPENED THE DOOR?


Hmmm…seems like the choice is obvious…

“Jesus, in each of our lives this invitation to the OPEN DOOR of intimacy with you is available.  Help us today to…slow down…be still and know you are God…and allow the work of your Spirit to simply allow us to rest in your arms “like a weaned child.”  It is here…responding to Your invitation Lord, that true rest, peace and grace enfold us as we Sup with the “Bread of Life.”

Amen  ????????????