“Calvary Chapel University started as just a small desire in my heart.  I believed that it would be a wonderful idea to pursue a Master’s degree in Education, however, the practicality seemed close to impossible being that I was a full-time PE teacher, cheer coach, mother and wife.  Each year CCU representatives would come to our conferences where I would talk to them about how I would love to attend!  However, I let each year go by, afraid that there was absolutely no possibility of me being able to begin.   As each year went by, the desire in my heart continued to deepen.

Then I did it!  I took a huge leap of faith and found myself in the middle of the ocean.  Just like Peter, I found myself walking on the water as I focused on Christ.  With each Professor, each course, each book,  and each assignment , I was walking with and learning from the Master Teacher himself, Jesus Christ.  God stretched me and strengthened me each step of the way.  I actually looked forward to my course work because it allowed me to study God’s word extensively.   God allowed me to complete my degree as a transformed child of God excited for things ahead.  Thank you to all of the CCU staff for providing a God-centered, affordable and flexible program for people like me.”

– Sherry Richardson