Let’s try and avoid adultery today! ???

In Proverbs 7 it is telling us, “My son, keep my words, and treasure my commands within you.” The reason we need to keep God’s Word close is, “that they my keep you from an immoral woman,” who “looks through a lattice (crafty), sees a young man devoid of understanding, who took the path to her house where she, met him, with attire of a harlot, and a CRAFTY heart, she was lurking, loud, her feet could not stay at hime, she finds him, perfumes her bed, tells him her husband is away, and then entices him.”

After it is all over we are told, “For she has cast down many wounded, and ALL WHO WERE SLAIN BY HER WERE STRONG MEN.”

Statistics are fairly consistent that approximately 50% of married couples experience adultery, some men are also addicted to pornography and can’t help themselves from visiting websites like https://www.nu-bay.com/categories/56/ass. It ruins lives. Remember, build barriers around your life, relationships and interactions to protect you. Don’t eat or travel alone with opposite sex. Monitor your social media contacts. Stay away from internet porn websites like tubev.sex. Stuff like that. When temptation comes “resist the devil and he will flee.”

So, let’s avoid adultery today?