Have the calling to serve God by helping others? Working in the ministry does not always mean working in a church. It can, but you can glorify Him by consoling and counseling others in any setting with the sufficient and superior resources God’s Word provides. The CCU Biblical Counseling Program trains you to understand and apply God’s Word with skill, integrity, authority, and compassion.

Students enroll in the Biblical Counseling Program, within the College of Biblical Studies, to earn a Certificate of Biblical Counseling with the option to continue on toward the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with Specialization in Biblical Counseling.

There is no such thing as a typical student at CCU. Biblical Counseling Program students include a vast range of ages, education levels, work histories, and life experiences. So whether you just graduated from high school or just became an empty-nester, all you need to do is dive into enrollment at CCU by clicking HERE.

Participating in the Biblical Counseling Program equips you to interpret and apply the Scripture for ministering to people as a Missionary, Youth Pastor, Crisis Counselor, Shelter Staff, Deacon, Chaplain, Guidance Counselor, and more.

Enroll today to join our community seeking to advance the work of God through a distinctly Christian approach to leadership, focusing on Jesus, his New Covenant, His wisdom for life, Superior Academics and Servant Leadership. With courses conveniently delivered online, the next step is just one CLICK away!