“Fruitful in Affliction began as a prayer eight years ago when I was going through an extremely painful trial with my daughter who has special needs. The Lord was so faithful each morning in my devotions to pour forth encouragement, comfort and hope during one of the darkest times in my life. I never set out to write a book, but as I spent time with the Lord in His Word, He so ministered to my heart that I couldn’t write fast enough. I asked Him to either shut off all the writing or supply the paper because I wanted to know for sure it was all from Him. I told Him I’m not going to CVS to get the paper… You’ll have to supply it. One day after coming home from church, there were 2 boxes on my doorstep with 1,000 sheets of nice stationary paper in each box! That confirmed my writing, so I proceeded in faith, each step of the way The Lord provided. Only God can bring beauty from ashes and purpose in the pain we suffer. The Lord is in the business of turning tragedy into triumph. This is my story of God doing just that in the life of my daughter and myself. Fruitful in Affliction is a journey through the fruit of the spirit from the perspective of one who has had her share of pain, both emotionally and physically and through it all God has been faithful, gracious and the God of all comfort. It is my desire to pass on the truths of God’s Word to the brokenhearted, the lame, those who need hope and who are wounded in whatever trial they find themselves in. I am currently taking THE401 Fundamentals of Faith course at CCU and being challenged to step out in faith, so here’s a leap of faith that the Lord could use this small offering and attempt to encourage another sister or brother, by His Grace & for His glory.”

“Women today are facing numerous trials. Let’s face it . . . life is hard, and for some it has gotten much harder. Fruitful in Affliction was written to encourage women as they are going through various hardships, whether they be emotional, economic, physical or even spiritual. The Lord can turn our tragedies around and use them for good, bringing about the fruit of God’s Spirit in our lives, making us even more useful and productive in this world. “Triumph through tragedy. Hope in darkness. Purpose in suffering. Fruitful in Affliction turns our eyes upward, fixes our thoughts on things above, and offers hope (even joy!) in difficulties. We are brought once again, through the pages of this book, to the over-ruling sovereignty of God who controls all things and lovingly works all things for our good, even pain and suffering. Hope in Him! Joy in Jesus! Victory even in adversity and sorrow! This is the message of Fruitful in Affliction.”

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Hope Outreach Ministries: A ministry lead by Miray Jaksa

Out of that time of brokenness, the Lord created Hope Outreach Ministry- where we are reaching out to moms with special needs kids. There is a mission field within the Body of Christ and in the world of women who need a friend, who need fellowship and who need someone to simply listen and pray with them. Over the last seven years, the Lord has brought numerous hurting women together who need hope, creating friendships and prayer partners for one another and their children. It’s my dream to see the Lord raise up women worldwide in the Body of Christ to reach out to these hurting moms. CCU says to Dream Big… this is my dream, to share the vision of this ministry with whoever and wherever He leads. ~ By His Grace & For His Glory. – Miray Jaksa

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