“I am between a rock and a hard place!”

Have you ever been there? In 1 Samuel 14 Jonathan and his armor-bearer make a decision to go take new land. Jonathan notices the people in charge (his dad Saul) are not doing their job.  Often something new comes out of people looking at things that are broken or no longer alive and determining God wants to bring Revival to that business, ministry, relationship, etc.

So, Jonathan the next in line to the throne risks everything with one other guy and says, “let’s go up against these Philistines, perhaps the Lord will be with us.”

PERHAPS…that is the key word.  Jonathan takes the step of faith and Faith always leaves us a little uncertain about what we are doing, but confident in who is leading us and His gracious love for us.

The armor-bearer encourages Jonathan with, “do all that is in your heart.  I am with you heart and soul.”  Wow, who can we encourage today like that!?  If you need encouragement ask God to help you today.

They go up between a rock and a hard place and have to scale a hill to attack overwhelming odds to get a victory that only God could have given them.

Jonathan’s journey began with a burden, (who will fight our enemy)?  This turned into a team, (small just two guys).  These two trusted God and moved forward but left room for their…PERHAPS God will be with us.”

Then, God came through….and He will come through for you today as well.  You are not alone.  He is in the process of directing you.  Don’t look at overwhelming odds…in fact, embrace them…God does great things with overwhelming odds.

We all need to be an armor-bearer, and we are all an armor-bearer.  Move forward…trust God, encourage those around you, take the enemy, give God praise, repeat!

Have a super day!!