1 Sam: 9

“All right, Saul agreed, let’s try it!”

In this story, Saul is a young man and God has listened to the Israelites desire to have a King over them although it is not God’s perfect will.  So, Saul is about to be chosen.

Here is what happens:

1. His dad loses donkeys (beast of burden, transportation, manner to make a living, etc).

2. Saul and a Servant (Holy Spirit…Loyal friend), set out all day to find donkeys…no luck.

3. They are flat tuckered out…Saul says let’s quit the search and go home…for you and me…DON’T QUIT YET!

4. The Servant says to Saul…I HAVE A THOUGHT…stop and listen to the Spirit’s new thought for your life…in the midst of being tired and feeling hopeless.

5. Saul comes up with excuses for not moving forward. “We don’t have anything to offer (Samuel), even our food is gone, and we don’t have a thing to give him.”  What excuses are you using to quit?

6. Servant (Holy Spirit), gives hope…”I have a small piece of silver…”. Listen…God is encouraging you today…

7. In short order, Saul and his Servant meet girls who give specific directions “STAY ON THIS ROAD…they run into Samuel to whom God has told the day before (prophetic insight), that he would meet Saul and anoint him King.  Samuel tells Saul to join him for a special meal and anointing to become King…but also shares a word of knowledge by telling him that his donkeys have been found, (meeting a very practical need).

Bottom line:  God calls Saul (you), when it is least likely for you to be called to anything!  There is a long tiring journey and what you originally are looking for (donkeys), are just a tool to grow you into a deeper faith, alert obedience, lifelong friendships and…your NEW CALLING!  So, make sure you DON’T QUIT.  Listen for subtle encouragements from God.  STAY ON THIS ROAD.

Lastly, once you have that still small voice encouraging you that there is a “small piece of silver” that allows you to just go one step further, we can respond like young Saul, ” ALL RIGHT…LET’S TRY IT!”