1 These 5:16-18

v.16 Rejoice always, v.17 pray continually, v.18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s Will for you in Christ Jesus.

We often wonder about God’s Will for our lives.  Here is the answer!

1. Rejoice…when we rejoice, dread, fear, hopelessness, despair, and worry cannot inhabit the same space.  To rejoice is simply to have a thankful heart as we abide in Jesus’ love for us and trusting in His deep care for us.

2. Praying continually is the antidote to worry.  Here is a simple aid; each time a worry or item you normally fret over enters your mind, simply insert the following:

“JESUS, you see what I am thinking and I ask you to please take it from me and take care of it, amen.”

3. Thankfulness!  To be thankful is to be grateful, gracious and eager to lavish praise on a God who really does delight in you!

Rejoice…Pray…(don’t worry)…Be thankful…THAT is the Will of God for you and me today!

When we do this, it shows complete trust and contentment in God and that is when everything else we hope for begins to unfold.

“Seek first His kingdom and righteousness and ALL these things will be added unto you.”

Matt 6:33