Hello, my name is Joe McTarsney. Recently by the grace and goodness of Christ, I was able to graduate from CCU with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and a specialization in Biblical Leadership.  As God always makes things beautiful in His time, it was only ten months before I enrolled as an undergraduate student at CCU, that the Lord opened a door for us to begin a new church in the City of Montclair, California. With this call on my life, I knew I needed to grow. I wanted to study God’s Word and be equipped to lead others to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I took: The Heart of the Christian Leader, Theology of Leadership, Leadership Planning, Communicating Vision, Building Teams, Problem Solving, and Christian Leadership. These courses and others provided a solid foundation in my life. God is using the material that I learned to further shape and develop me as a Christian, husband, father, and pastor.

The professors at CCU hold either a Masters or a Doctorate Degree. Their interaction with me was both positive and professional. I was challenged and encouraged throughout my educational experience. I also grew tremendously because of our weekly courseroom discussion board. Topics were assigned and every student participated by sharing their thoughts. It was always insightful to read their perspective on the various subjects. We learned from each other.

Attending CCU has been a gift from the Lord. He used this quality academic and biblical institution that is founded on infallible truths of scripture to develop me. What I loved most is that Scripture is the final authority in all courses. I know that future students will definitely be prepared for life, ministry, and their vocation. It’s more than earning a degree. It’s being thoroughly equipped to further God’s kingdom for His glory. That is certainly accomplished at CCU. I completed this degree while raising a family, working, and pastoring a church. You can too!

 Joe McTarsney

CCU 2018 Graduate – BABS, Biblical Leadership

Pastor of Calvary Montclair, CA