CCU Graduate Miray Jaksa Visiting Gideon Springs, Jezreel Valley – Israel 2019

I’m Miray Jaksa and am a testimony that it is never too late to pursue your dreams, that God can do anything if you give Him the desires of your heart, and with God all things are possible! CCU’s motto is Dream Big! My pastor has a sign in his office that says Pray Big! I always wanted to complete my degree, but raising 3 kids has been a full time job. In 2016 the Lord opened the door to pursue my degree in Biblical Studies, majoring in Women’s Ministry. This last month my dream came true and I am officially finished! So Dream Big and Pray Big!

The Lord has used my time at CCU to personally grow in my relationship with the Lord. Systematically studying God’s Word in my Bible courses has taught me priceless truths and principles for life. In the Christian Missions course I was challenged with the question, Is it easier to be on mission abroad or across the street? Since rededicating my life to the Lord over 30 years ago I have found it easier to be on mission when I’m on the mission field, but I know the Lord desires I be on mission here at home!

I recently heard your trials can define or redefine you. It’s my prayer that the Lord redefines my life with His purpose and plan through the challenges my husband and I have faced. We have a daughter with special needs, its been a long 18 years, but the Lord has taken a season of misery and turned it into a ministry. He gave the vision for Hope Outreach Ministry, reaching out to moms and families who have special needs kids, bringing them together for fellowship, prayer support and encouragement. This has been my mission field, one mom at a time, as it says in Gal. 6:2 & 10 we are to bear one another’s burdens and do good to all, but especially to those of the household of faith.

Serving to the Fullest was one of the courses that strengthened and equipped me to serve the Lord while encouraging women. I learned how God has wired and designed my personality and then graciously given me gifts for the building up of others faith. While studying various women’s ministry models the Lord has encouraged me to step out in faith and try new things. Women need Biblical Hope now for their situation, whatever it is- that Hope is Jesus! The world says, I hope it’s going to work out with their fingers crossed, but as a believer we have a confident expectation of coming good, because Jesus loved and died for us. Being confident in who Jesus is, that He is working all things together for good, even when it may not look good presently is essential. It is my desire to be a woman on mission, giving Hope to those who need it. I am incredibly grateful for my time at CCU, for the pastors, professors, all their encouragement, and I thank the Lord for His faithfulness in getting me across the finish line. Dream Big! Pray Big!

By His Grace and for His Glory!  

Miray Jaksa

CCU Graduate – Bachelors Of Biblical Studies, Women’s Ministry

Class of 2019

If you are in Southern California and know someone with a special needs child we would love to have them join us at Hope Outreach Ministry at CC Living Word in Irvine.