By Codie Winslow
Director of Library & Learning Resources

Whether you are pursuing a Biblical Certificate, Bachelor or Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, or Master of Divinity, we have a new resource worth a gander – E.C. Bragg Digital Library. Part of the college experience is developing a love for lifelong learning, and who better to learn from than a veteran professor of Theology – Dr. Ervene C. Bragg. 

The E.C. Bragg Digital Library at Trinity College of Florida consists of an online digital collection of the lectures, notes and writings of Dr. E.C. Bragg. This online library allows researchers access to re-mastered audio lectures on a variety of theological topics including Systematic Theology, Pauline Theology, Prophecy, Christian Apologetics, History of Missions, Christian Psychology, Hermeneutics, Harmony of the Gospels, and Comparative Religions. The E.C. Bragg Digital Library also features Dr. Bragg’s full-length text, Pauline Theology book, which takes a deep dive into the biblical teachings of the Apostle Paul.  

Dr. Bragg taught at Trinity for 55 plus years and was the only professor to teach on all five campuses of the school. People have recognized him as the longest standing professor of theology anywhere in the United States and he estimated that he taught around 23,000 students. Dr. Bragg also served as Vice-President of Trinity College and was on the Board of Trustees from 1949 until his death.

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