Bobby Johnston thought his higher education “career” was over before it ever really even began. After a year and a half of community college he had only earned 5 credits because his addiction was consuming his life and his life circumstances were changing. Because of these roadblocks, education really ended up on the back burner.

After 20 years of struggling with addiction Bobby finally confessed his struggles to his loved ones and the Lord began to take a hold of his life! “A family member took me to U-turn for Christ where I gave my life to the Lord. I fell in love with Jesus and His grace and compassion. My life was completely changed!” Getting involved in U-turn For Christ led to rehabilitation and a radical transformation in Bobby’s life.

After graduating from U-turn For Christ in 2009, Bobby began to look for ways that he could be used by the Lord to help others.

“I have a passion for teaching God’s Word…I know better than anyone the bondage I was in and to be freed from that….it’s truly an act of God’s grace! Therefore my life belongs to Him!”

He became involved at his church, Reliance Church Temecula, California, serving in Jr. High ministry and starting a home Bible study. A huge part of his ministry involves serving others who are struggling with addiction in recovery ministries like U-turn and Steadfast: A Ministry of Restoration in Temecula. Realizing that he needed to be further equipped for ministry, Bobby began taking courses at CCBC in nearby Murrieta, completing his Associates Degree in 2014.

Three years after completing his Associates Degree Bobby was considering how to go about completing a Bachelors degree, when he saw an advertisement on Facebook for Calvary Chapel University. Because of CCU’s agreements with CCBC he was able to receive a discount and in 2019 Bobby completed his B.A. in Biblical Studies with an overall GPA of 4.05!

The opportunity for higher education that was squandered early on due to addiction had been redeemed through his time at Calvary Chapel University!

What an amazing story to see the Lord restoring hopes and dreams that we thought were broken, dead or gone and breathing new life into them! Bobby is a great example of the opportunity that Calvary Chapel University offers to people who can’t relocate to a physical campus, but have a strong desire to be strengthened in their faith and equipped for ministry!

When asked what he would tell someone considering Calvary Chapel University Bobby said “Go for it! It was a task juggling a career and ministry and courses…but it was so worth it! So much of it poured into what I was learning and teaching at the time and to have that Bachelors degree at the end was awesome!”

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