Chris Randall
2013Bachelor of Arts in
Biblical Studies

First Baptist Church

Currently i’m involved in two ministries. I attend First baptist Church in Rockport, Texas. About a year ago the Discipleship Pastor approached me and 5 other men, and told us that while our church is doing some stuff that falls under the umbrella of discipleship, we are falling short of doing a lot of the things we should be doing; that nominal Christianity is the norm for our church. Prior to Covid the 6 of us have been working at changing things. This is an answer to years of prayer for me. We are looking at how to pick back in the face of the current pandemic.

The other ministry that i’m doing (that i’m really surprised to be involved with) is Tiktok. If you go to the Tiktok app you can find me as crazygodstory. It hit me that since i had a few thousand followers it would be a really good opportunity for me to share my faith with them. I began making videos about Jesus, and since then my account has grown to over 28,000 followers. I’m amazed at how God has used me to minister to people through social media.

To say i’m surprised would be an understatement. I have a lot of interaction with my followers, and have seen God changing people’s lives through this app on a regular basis. I talk to people daily who have struggled to know what it looks like to follow Jesus,and have been able to help them grow in that. This is huge for me, because i spent the first 30 years of my life wanting to follow Jesus, but not knowing how because no one ever showed me what it looked like. I grew up in what i call schizophrenic Christianity.

What’s so very exciting for me is that the last 11ish plus years of following Jesus have specifically prepared me for the two ministries i’m currently involved with. While i do evangelism, and regularly try to reach the lost, i’ve found that i have a passion for discipling other christians; it’s something that just sort of naturally happens in my life. Most of the time when i trying sharing the gospel with people who are lost, i find that i end up talking to people who are already saved, but struggling in their faith. Evangelism almost always turns into discipleship for me, and i don’t believe it’s coincidence. God has built me to shepherd and teach other believers, but not necessarily as a pastor in a church. I find i end up in more of a tent maker role, and i really love that, because i get to show other believers that God’s will/plan for your life isn’t always some big grandiose thing, and that ministry isn’t about vocation. 

Currently i’m working on a book called “Faith Isn’t Blind”. My goal with it is to show through what God has done with my life, what God can and will do with any regular joe Christian who gives in to a life of faith. Too often Christians don’t realize that everything isn’t dependant on the paid professionals who have seminary degrees. My hope is to not only help people see what God will do with a surrendered life, but to help them see the emptiness in not living for eternity so much so that they can’t do it any longer.

The following is the link to my story about faith being like a door. Faith has probably been the defining characteristic of my journey with God. It’s not that i’m perfect, but i’ve made obedience to God a habit. 

Chris Randall

Rockport, TX

CCU Alumni