When John Dembeck was growing up in a traditional Roman Catholic home and attending Catholic grade school the main takeaway that he has about religion was “All of the guilt and none of the grace.” It would be years before he would again have a desire for spiritual things and spent years wandering and searching.

John did what the world expected from him. He got a secular education majoring in business.  School wasn’t really for him, however and after completing 116 units he still never finished his degree because school wasn’t “any fun” and he was distracted by other pursuits.

Fast forward to 1994…John had built a business which was going great, but his personal life and family was falling apart. That’s when John heard the Gospel in a most unusual way. He had been invited to an Amway Conference Portland Oregon. During the conference a friend invited him to attend a non-denominational service taking place in the conference center. It was there that John heard the message of Jesus Christ in a whole new way. It was at that Amway Conference that John committed his life to Jesus!

After John and family had given their lives to Christ a friend invited to hear Ray Bentley preach at Maranatha Chapel. It was there that John and his wife fell in love with Jesus and studying the Word of God! In 1995 during an Experiencing God Bible study John heard the clear call from the Lord into the ministry!

There was just one problem…He didn’t want to do it… John loved business and enjoyed the lifestyle he had, however, when Jesus calls you the only answer is yes! In the fall of 1997 John began attending the Pastors College at Calvary Chapel San Diego, following up with his undergrad work at Horizon College in 2001.

“For me a disciplined educational environment was the best way to learn.”

Even though he had struggled in school before Christ, learning about the Bible and preparing for ministry was a totally different experience. As John contemplated pursuing a graduate degree his plans were interrupted by God’s call to pastor in Iowa at Calvary Chapel Cherokee.

In the hustle and bustle of ministry, John’s plans to complete his educational goals were left by the wayside. After 7 years of full time minstry including two and half years of pastoring in Iowa the Lord led John to Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, and it was there that he was connected to Calvary Chapel University.

“The Lord turned on a light I didn’t realize I had turned off”

John completed his M.A. in Biblical Leadership with CCU and it was during this time that he realized his true passion and calling in ministry. John realized that wanted to take the leadership principles he had learned and CCU as well through his ministry experiences and teach them to other like-minded business leaders.

John founded Seeds to Life as ministry to those leaders. Seeds to Life seeks to partner with individuals, churches and businesses to support their ministry and share in the vision. John sends out a weekly devotional to his email subscribers to those who partner with the ministry.  He also hosts a weekly podcast with interviews with prominent business professionals and ministry leaders sharing their experiences.

You can check out Seeds to Life here: www.seedstolife.org