Here are five reasons for you to consider signing up for online courses with Calvary Chapel University!


Study Using A Flexible Schedule And Learning Environment

By studying online with Calvary Chapel University you get to choose your own learning environment! Study wherever you need to! Your bedroom, your home office, the coffee shop across the street! Listen to your instructor’s lecture as you jog on the treadmill! Isn’t that awesome?

Studying online with CCU gives you more flexibility. You can fit your ministry schedule and responsibilities around your coursework easily! All CCU courses are asynchronous, meaning you don’t have to log in at a specific time for a live session, but you can study and interact with your instructor and your fellow coursemates at your own pace through the discussion boards and assignments due at the end of each week!

Enjoy Lower Tuition Costs

Many students overlook the financial advantage of online courses. Although an online student may pay the same per-credit tuition rate as some traditional colleges…they do not have to pay for over-priced housing or meal plans!

Another advantage of online learning is that it often results in cheaper textbooks, almost all CCU courses allow the option to purchase digital versions of your textbooks via Amazon or other digital platforms!

Also, Calvary Chapel University offers AMAZING discounts for those active in ministry as we strive to be the helper of your joy!

Learn At Your Own Pace!

One of the great things about the innovation of online learning is that through learning in your own environment and with your own schedule, the pressure to keep up with other students in a face to face environment is removed. You might knock out some assignments in record time because the material is easy for you to understand, or you may need extra time to make some of lessons stick with you. The point is, you are in total control of your progress through the CCU portal and you can learn at a pace that benefits you the most!

Network With Other Like-Minded Students

Being a part of Calvary Chapel University helps you to connect with other people doing ministry all over the world that you may not have otherwise met! These relationships deepen as you progress through courses together and often result in amazing opportunities to partner in Gospel ministry down the road! Students consistently receive chances to learn from each other and develop lasting, meaningful connections!

Be Discipled By Our Amazing Instructors!

In some ways, the distance is greater between you and your teacher because you’re not seeing them in-person. But in other ways, you have much more access. When you have a question in an in-person course your teacher may, or may not have time to answer it…

In an online course, you can email a teacher questions directly. When they answer, they are able to give you a thorough answer and make sure you understand what they are trying to communicate.

Many of our instructors take the role of ministry mentors in our students lives, and consistently Calvary Chapel University students tell us one of the things that they LOVE most about CCU is the one-on-one mentorship of our experienced teaching staff!

So check out the amazing degree programs we offer here at Calvary Chapel University and APPLY TODAY HERE