Academics at a Fully Accredited Online Christian University

A member of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Calvary Chapel University is an online Christian college that offers fully accredited BA and MA ministry programs. Our academics are rooted in the Bible and centuries of Christian heritage focused on ministry and service to others. Our online academic programs are designed to train Christian leaders. As ministers, graduating students have the opportunity to spread the Word to both domestic and international communities. Our Christian college students have been called to become Christian ministers; our online Biblical college provides them with the Christian instruction they need to live up to that calling.

Calvary Chapel University features undergraduate and graduate ministry degree programs. Our fully accredited online Christian college programs are focused on rigorous reading, writing, discussion, and study. Our Christian college is renowned for our outstanding instructors who are committed to promoting the practice of ministry in order to bring the Word of God and Christian service to communities all over the country and world. While our online Biblical college curriculum programs are intensive, they have the power to enrich lives.

Flexibility with our Online Christian College

Enjoy learning flexibility at our online Biblical universityCalvary Chapel University offers online coursework. Achieve your BA or MA in ministry online. Online study gives students the flexibility they need to work or maintain other obligations while studying to become a minister. Technology has allowed our students to connect online for courses, to meet with instructors, and to discuss a myriad of faith-related topics with their fellow coursemates. Virtual learning allows students to attend online Christian university from home and to study at their own pace.

Student Resources at Our Christian University

Although Calvary Chapel University’s coursework is online, we offer students a wide range of student resources designed to enhance their online Biblical college education. We feature virtual student resources such as our digital library and Christian college writing center. Our online Christian university is committed to supporting our students in their calling using the most innovative and exciting technical resources today. Our student resources are aligned with our curriculum offerings. Our online Christian college students will have access to the resources they need to support their educational goals.

Online Biblical University Affordability

Calvary Chapel University strives to offer fully accredited online Christian college at affordable pricing. Although our degree programs and credit hours necessarily involve cost to students, there are no living expenses, meal plans, or on-campus costs associated with our Christian university. This allows students to dramatically reduce the costs of their education. We understand that not every student who is called to become a Christian minister has the financial means to obtain a Christian college education. That’s why we offer financial aid that students may conveniently apply for online.

Live Your Faith with Our Online Christian University

Calvary Chapel University is a fully accredited online Christian university that helps students live their calling as a Christian minister. A life of faith and service is a uniquely Christian one. Our online Biblical college provides instruction for a wide range of ministry pursuits, including Biblical counseling, Biblical education, women’s ministry, youth ministry, Biblical theology, and more.

Upon graduating, our students become Christian leaders, able to lead and support their communities according to Christian tenets. Our online Christian college coursework focuses on appropriate interpretation of Biblical texts and use of the scriptures to support others. We help students build teams, grow as Christian leaders, and apply Biblical problem-solving skills to a multitude of current issues. In short, we help our students to become the Christian leaders they were meant to be. With online Biblical college instruction, students can channel their calling into advanced learning that’s designed for Christian leadership and service to others.

Explore our fully accredited online Christian college certificates, undergraduate, and graduate programs. All of our coursework is offered online. Online Biblical college gives students the flexibility they need to attend virtual university from home. Access to digital resources, discussion groups, and courserooms allows students to pursue a career as a Christian minister without having to travel to or live on a Christian university campus.

Get to know Calvary Chapel University and our coursework offerings. Our students become Christian minister who make a difference in the world—to individuals and entire communities. Christ led a life of service to others and our students do to. The best ministers reflect this service ethic complemented by empathy and knowledge of the scriptures. At our online Christian college, you can pursue your dream to spread the Word of God and to live a life in accordance with the principles of Jesus Christ.