Calvary Chapel University is an Academic University with Christian roots. Founded on the belief that God’s grace is available to everyone and receiving it is the first step to God’s favor. Calvary Chapel University is a California Faith Based Christian University that is available to those who want to learn more about God and the role we are to play in life. Our mission is to educate the whole person, by providing the tools and resources to empower individuals and families to grow in Christ. We believe God’s love is our primary teaching method, we believe that God’s love is what allows us to forgive our enemies and persevere in the face of adversity.

For the next generation of Christians, a path to following Christ is right by your side, Calvary Chapel University was founded on the belief that God’s plan is a path. Our group of passionate Christian leaders are committed to changing lives and building strong communities through education, outreach, and community service. Our Christian university is the most comprehensive online Christian education resource in the world. We offer courses in different fields, the best of the best.

Our unique online education program is for anyone looking for a college degree, is 100% online, and helps you be Christ-like in a world that’s full of people who don’t share your views. In this Christian school, we’re all about love, every day we value each other. We want to bring you the best of our Christian education experience, so that you can grow your faith and learn to be a better person. You’ll find everything you need in a unique environment.

Calvary Chapel University offers Bible education in the state of California, and has a wide variety of Bible courses taught by certified teachers. The goal of Calvary Chapel University is to help students learn and grow through the Lord’s grace. They provide their students with an opportunity to obtain a completed degree while they are learning, growing, and enjoying their lives with Christ. Learn God’s Word, discover the truth of Christ through campus evangelism!

Calvary Chapel University is the California Faith Based Christian University that offers an academically rigorous education through which students can grow in their faith, learn what they need to know to prosper in a complex world, and make their mark on the world. Calvary Chapel University is the place to go for Christian instruction and religious education. Featuring online courses and mentoring, online Bible studies and seminars, and more.

Study At An California Faith Based Christian University

Calvary Chapel University was created to offer students the opportunity to study the word of God with the understanding that it is written about his character and reveals the life and work of Jesus Christ. Study at a California Faith Based Christian University where you can learn, grow, and disciple through the power of Christ!

We have an open-door for everyone, no matter where you are in life. It’s a place where you can learn, grow and experience the Christian Life! We are a university that has a mission to cultivate and prepare students to effectively apply biblical principles in their life, community and work. We are designed to educate Christians through fellowship with similar minded individuals. Our California Faith Based Christian University was created to help students grow in their faith and be more active in their lives by developing a holistic approach to learning and living.

Studying at a faith based Christian university is the best option for you, who have belief in God, just enroll and you will get in. We are a Christian university allowing students to focus on their faith while studying. This is a unique opportunity for students and parents to gain a complete understanding of biblical principles so that they can better influence their children’s education. Learn to live a life centered on the love of Jesus Christ!

You want to learn the Bible and share your faith with others? Study at a California Faith Based Christian University like Calvary Chapel University! We are a private Christian university that offers various opportunities in the field of Christian studies, we believe that the university model is one of the best ways to achieve a high standard of excellence. With this in mind, we have set out to offer our students an excellent education in Christian studies at a competitive price.

Start studying with us, Calvary Chapel University is a Christian school that believes that every person has God-given gifts to use as He pleases. The university’s mission is to educate, empower and serve students worldwide. Find the Christian school today that is shining a light on the growing need for Godly education.

Calvary Chapel University offers a degree that’s designed to help you live out your faith and serve others. Our academic coursework, built on the Bible, is designed to equip you with the tools you need to serve God today. One step towards faith-based education can lead to a massive transformation. Calvary Chapel University is a Christian university that will help you get the degree you want.

Calvary Chapel University Is An California Faith Based Christian University

Calvary Chapel University is a Christian university in California with a mission to equip students to become better Christians and educate them in the ways of Christ. We offer world-course Christian education, an immersive experience for students of any background, and exceptional support for our faculty and staff. We have an emphasis on community, family and responsibility, linked to the gospel of Jesus Christ and offer a wide variety of opportunities and resources to foster the growth of the Christian faith.

Calvary Chapel University is an affordable California Faith Based Christian University where students can learn from a Christian, Biblical worldview. We are one of the best Christian schools, serving hundreds of students and offering affordable courses taught by Christian leaders. We are committed to a positive impact on the world through Christian principles.

We provide education for single people and couples for all areas of the Christian faith. Calvary Chapel University is a fast growing Christian college that teaches in a unique style with the help of their seasoned staff. Our students will gain knowledge, skills, and life-long experiences in the Christian faith. Here you will find a community of people who want to grow spiritually. We at Calvary Chapel University endeavor to develop students who are spiritually mature and dedicated to the mission of Jesus Christ.

Calvary Chapel University is dedicated to training students in the principles of biblical Christianity, while providing students with the tools they need to make a positive impact as an adult. Calvary Chapel University values a Christian and Christ-centered approach to learning, and it is about learning to love yourself and others. Successful students will find their answers in the courseroom, on campus, or online, you can be assured that the university is a safe place to learn!

Do you want to know what it’s like to be an evangelical Christian? Stay connected and be entertained while you earn your degree. Our easy-to-follow curriculum gives you the tools and techniques you need to learn more about God. California Faith Based Christian University provides education and spiritual advancement in the areas of worship and motivational teaching. Our university provides training to leaders who will assist churches to grow their church membership. Learn the basics of the Christian life and how to train your spirit in God’s way to become a better servant of Jesus Christ. Embark on a path of spiritual and relational growth, enjoy the unique experience of learning from some of the best Christian leaders in the world today.

Choose Calvary Chapel University As Your California Faith Based Christian University

Learn to grow in faith through a full-service Christian university: Calvary Chapel University. We are a growing college with a mission to be the best Christian college by helping and empowering students to become better leaders in their home, community, and work. Choose our California Faith Based Christian University that has a mission to help and empower students to develop their lives and careers by equipping them with skills, experiences, knowledge and trust in God to be able to live their faith.

Calvary Chapel University is the premier Christian university for aspiring students, new or returning to the Christian faith. Its mission is to train students to be Christ-like leaders in service to others and to advance Christian discipleship through education, experiences, and ministry. Our university’s mission is to equip believers with the knowledge and skills to be spiritually equipped to impact lives in a Christ-centered way. Calvary Chapel University is a comprehensive and comprehensive university focused on helping the Christian community to reach the next level in Christ’s Kingdom. People who go to our university are more satisfied with their lives!

Calvary Chapel University enables students, faculty and staff to reach the next level of their education by providing a Christian education at a Christian school. Students learn from an academic perspective. Faculty teach, mentors, and provide support. Are you ready to make a bold move in life? Start experiencing it now! Our goal is to recruit talented, motivated Christian students from the area to attend our campus and become ambassadors of Christ as we serve as churches in our communities.

We feel like we have the right process to make sure that you will get your education and not just a degree, but a true teaching, we will use the best resources available for you to succeed. We help thousands of people transform their lives using our unique and life-changing programs. Our courses are designed for the challenges of the 21st century and require little or no prior knowledge, here you can focus on learning about the true God: Jesus Christ! It is a private university that offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in theology, Christian education and more.

With a purpose-driven curriculum, private and affordable tuition, and a Christian campus experience, our California Faith Based Christian University will inspire students to live an authentic Christian life while they learn the most important values of their faith. Calvary Chapel University is a leading Christian university that places its identity on the development of Christian character and mission, along with providing a diverse array of courses and programs.

Educational California Faith Based Christian University

Calvary Chapel University is a leading institution of higher learning for Christian faith-based education. We offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in religious studies, biblical studies, theology, church history and culture, ministry, and religious leadership. We are an educational California Faith Based Christian University and all of our courses are taught by Christian teachers who have been trained. We have an ongoing commitment to academic excellence.

We provide affordable, high-quality education that is focused on the Biblical foundation of life. Calvary Chapel University is a leading Christian university in California with the goal of inspiring and educating people to be the best they can be.

In the Bible, there is a promise made to those who are faithful. Calvary Chapel University is an evangelical Christian university and community of faith, where students learn to thrive in the ever-changing world around them. The best part about our education and training is that we teach you the lessons of Jesus Christ and His words of truth, grace and redemption. We are called to be a light among the nations, a leading example in this day and age. Our Mission is to equip, educate, and disciple people for a life of faith in Jesus Christ.

How do Christians deal with conflict? What are the keys to success? How is your work? In our college you can learn more about the Christian life, we are designed to do what few schools can do: provide quality education at a reasonable cost. The future of our nation depends on young people serving God and following their path into adulthood equipped with the necessary knowledge in His Word to be successful.

Calvary Chapel University is a Christian college with a mission to help students study, grow, and thrive by creating Christian opportunities for students of all areas. You’ve got a dream? It’s time to make it come true. Build your faith and learn how to reach millions of people through online courses and online ministry training. Your time with God cannot be wasted, the psalmist said: The Lord is my help, I will not fear. The Calvary Chapel University is an institution for all stages of life, offers a refreshing college experience that empowers its students to live more fully following Jesus Christ.

Calvary Chapel University is a Christian based university focused on the mission of bringing God’s love and hope to the world. We are a California Faith Based Christian University that will prepare you to be a leader in your community, while thoroughly understanding the teachings of Jesus Christ, our educational programs are designed to strengthen your faith and encourage you as you learn more about your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Earn Your Degree From A California Faith Based Christian University

Christian universities like Calvary Chapel University, offer multiple programs and degrees to suit your needs. Whether you’re interested in theology, evangelism, Bible studies or small group ministry, Calvary Chapel University will provide you with a Christian education from the best Christian universities on the planet! The best way to get your degree fast, in the proper way, is with Calvary Chapel University, earn your degree from our California Faith Based Christian University!

Get your degree right where you want it, anytime and anywhere. California Faith Based Christian University has built an online learning environment that is based on the teachings of Jesus, taking advantage of time, our mission is to equip you with a biblical worldview and to inspire you as you grow in your faith. Signing up to be a student at Calvary Chapel University is the greatest decision you’ll ever make, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the most committed disciples of Christ in the teaching, we have a unique academic excellence and excellent Christian community.

Want to have great communication skills? Learn from the best, pursue your goals & dreams like never before. You’ll soon realize that you’re not just making friends or learning – you’re really learning the language of God. Get your education from a Christian university that’s guaranteed, this is where you’ll find the Christlike principles, including biblical education, building, and fellowship, all in a beautiful campus setting.

Calvary Chapel University has a portfolio of courses to fit your needs! It has a holistic view of the Christian life, and an online learning experience that will give you the tools to continue developing your faith and reach your goals. You could earn your bachelor’s degree from one of the top Christian universities in the world! With our university, you can accelerate your education and earn a degree that aligns with your Christian beliefs.

God wants us to be successful, but only if we become experts in His Word and train our minds by reading the Bible on a daily basis. What a great way to get your degree and get on with your life, taking care of people’s spiritual lives is what Calvary Chapel University does. Our California Faith Based Christian University goal is to teach and educate you in a Bible-based university, an institution that is rooted in the Word of God. The University offers excellence in affordable and rigorous academic programs and courses.