Calvary Chapel University is a spiritual school providing Biblical education to students of all ages, is a Faith Based Christian University founded on the Word of God. This is an institution that provides a degree of learning, training and discipleship that is consistent with what is taught in the Bible. With a wide selection of programs that are specifically designed to foster your faith, we can help you learn and grow in ways other colleges don’t offer.

Our Faith Based Christian University is a school that teaches faith-based education in a positive, encouraging, and life-giving environment. Students will learn from a diverse group of college professors and our student body. The quest for a Faith-Based Christian University is over! Visit our website today to get started with a free information session, or contact us.

Our Christian university provides a safe place for believers to meet their God, within the warmth and company of other Christians. Christian education provides a sense of community with like-minded people. We teach the Bible, which is God’s truth, so you can learn how to be free of the lies and be set free to live a life

We offer academic programs, including undergraduate and graduate degrees in biblical studies and counseling. Find a Christian university near you, find a faith-based school with a sound biblical foundation, quality education, and affordable tuition for all! Calvary Chapel University offers online degree programs in areas such as theology, counseling, and more.

We’re not just another Christian university in a sea of Christian universities. Our mission is to help students build a strong faith, a pure heart and be salt and light to the world. We aren’t just another Christian college, we are a university with a difference, here to equip you with the skills you’ll need in order to impact the world for Christ.

We understand that Christianity is more than just a belief system. It’s a life-changing experience that can be found in all aspects of everyday life. As such, we offer a variety of programs designed to help you become more aware of your faith while providing you with the tools needed to succeed both in school and life. Learn more about our university and see what it is like to study at a God-centered university.

If you’re looking for a location to start your Christian college career, look no further! Our mission is to equip students with both the knowledge and skills they need to lead lives of service. We do this by providing practical courses focused on academic knowledge, character development, and faith.

Find a Faith Based Christian University at Calvary Chapel University, where we focus on spiritual development and academic excellence. Our students learn how to lead lives of faith, love, and service and are empowered to do so through the truths of God’s Word, our values as followers of Christ, and the life skills they’ll gain during their studies.

How Can I Enroll To Study At A Faith Based Christian University?

Calvary Chapel University offers the opportunity for you to learn with the best educators. To sign up, call us and we will tell you the guidelines to follow! Calvary Chapel University is a Christian college that offers affordable tuition, a hands-on learning experience, and a faith-based environment. Our faculty is not only full of Christian people, but also teachers that have a passion for teaching and a desire to help you reach your academic goals. Our university is a Faith Based Christian University that provides a great education at an affordable price!

The world needs more Christian colleges, and Calvary Chapel University is here to help. We want to change the world with God’s word. Our Christian college is affordable and accredited by the state. Faith Based Christian University offers a quality, accredited degree online, so if you are looking for a Christian higher education and want to pursue a degree, then our Faith Based University is for you.

Calvary Chapel University is a Christian university that offers affordable & accredited online degrees. Learn how to start today! Faith-based Christian universities are the perfect blend of academic excellence and traditional Christian values. At these schools, you will receive a solid education, explore faith-based topics, and connect with a supportive community.

Life, family, and work. Faith Based Christian University understands the demands of your everyday life, so we make it easy for you to pursue your education without sacrificing your responsibilities. Courses are conveniently scheduled, online and in person.

The Bible says that you must search His Word, which means that if you want to attain the saving knowledge of God, you need to keep learning and learning more every day. Get started with our online Christian university and receive admission in just a few minutes.

Faith-based Christian universities offer a unique opportunity to study theology and biblical studies, which are among the most important areas of Christian education. Calvary Chapel University is an online university that offers Bachelor of degrees in counseling and more.

Calvary Chapel University Is A Faith Based Christian University

Calvary Chapel University is an accredited, law-abiding institution for Christians who want to train for a Christian service career. Calvary Chapel University is a Faith Based Christian University that provides students with the training they need to launch their career in the religious or charitable service industry, provides students with biblical worldviews, personal development, and practical applications to help them pursue Christ’s latter-day mission. Calvary Chapel University is a Faith Based Christian University that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees.

With a Christian Worldview as our foundation, Calvary Chapel University offers a Christian education for students of all backgrounds. Our biblical curriculum is based on the principles of God’s Word, we offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in biblical studies, ministry, theology, music ministry and more. Our innovative curriculum includes traditional theological coursework as well as hands-on opportunities

Calvary Chapel University is a Christian university that offers online degree programs that prepare students for lives of service. Our mission is to provide a learning experience to train those who are zealous in the pursuit of Christ. With a 100% online degree you can start, stop, and restart your degree at any time.

If you want to be a part of something that changes lives forever like countless others before you, then we encourage you to enroll today! Calvary Chapel University uses an online approach to not only provide you with a degree, but also to make it affordable for everyone. With our strong emphasis on Christian values and faith, you will graduate with the unique experience of being a leader in an ever-changing world.

With only one goal in mind, Calvary Chapel University was founded on the belief that students can be fully instructed in the Bible. Through its dedicated faculty, students learn the meaning of life and how to live it. The time for school is now! Our university is an accredited, Faith Based Christian University offering students from around the world online courses, degrees, and certifications for those who want to learn from God’s Word.

Calvary Chapel has served as a place where seekers of God can find answers to the questions of life. If you’re looking for a place devoted to Jesus where you can grow your faith, join us today!

Every student should have an opportunity to explore the truth found in God’s Word. That is why our university is a Faith Based Christian University that provides students with an opportunity to study the Bible and its relevance to Christian life. As a Christian university, Calvary Chapel University is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence. Our faculty and staff are passionate about teaching students and equipping them for a life that matters in a world that’s changing.

Choose Calvary Chapel University As Your Faith Based Christian University

Calvary Chapel University is a Christian university offering degrees in Bible, so choose our school as your Faith Based Christian University! Our faculty is composed of Christian servants, who are experts in their fields.

Dedicated to serving Jesus Christ and equipping students to impact the world, our Faith Based Christian University offers a wide range of degree and certificate programs. Our online degree programs are offered at an affordable tuition rate, in a convenient format. With majors to choose from, we offer accredited programs that provide the knowledge and tools you need to teach your students about God’s word and how to live a life of service.

Looking for an affordable Christian University? Want to study God’s word and grow your faith in Jesus Christ? Calvary Chapel University offers accredited, online degrees that are specifically designed for students who want to use their education to serve God & help others, is a faith-based, accredited university that provides a biblical education at an affordable price. Through our online degrees, you can earn an accredited degree in little time while continuing to serve the church. Here, you’ll find a wide array of coursework that will help guide you towards being a Christ-centered servant.

Join us as we explore the joy of Faith in a time where it’s seen as risky. Whether you’re new to the faith or have been an active participant for years, you’ll find that Calvary Chapel University has the perfect environment to help you grow spiritually and academically. Christian teachings, and a spectacular campus, we are inspired by scripture! Regardless of your background, make the decision to invest in your future today.

We offer Biblical based education in a Christ-centered environment. You can learn everything you need to know about Christianity, faith-based education, and Bible studies in one place.

Do you want a Christian university that is affordable? If so, come to Calvary Chapel University. We connect you with the right resources to help you be successful in what God has called you to do. Our Faith Based Christian University mission is to prepare you not only for your education, but for your life!

It is the online Christian university for you and your family! It is a Christian university that provides undergraduate, graduate, and online programs. Our university is a faith-based university that can meet your needs. We offer both campus and online classes to ensure that you can start or continue your education wherever you are.

Can I Get A Degree In Ministry At A Faith Based Christian University? 

Yes, our Faith Based Christian University offers a degree in Ministry that is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). You can get your ministry degree, or you can get your degree in biblical studies.

If your dream is to be a man or woman of God in ministry, let Calvary Chapel University help you make that dream a reality. We offer affordable opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and online degrees in ministry as we’re not bound by secular academic standards.

Experience Christian education in a way you’ve never seen before. You’ll get to know God and their Word, learn what Christian education is, and get the Biblical perspective for all Looking for a degree in ministry at a Christian University? Our Faith Based Christian University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in ministry, with a focus on equipping students to be effective ministers of the Gospel.

With all degree programs, we ensure your educational journey will be fulfilling. We’re here to help you get started on your path towards ministry or further education. Calvary Chapel University is a faith-based Christian university where students can get a degree in ministry from a Christian perspective. Our online courses provide the best quality for students who are looking for Christian degrees.

Do you want a Faith Based Christian University that offers majors in ministry, business, and more? Are you looking for a Faith Based Christian University that not only offers a degree in ministry but also allows you to learn from people who are actually in ministry? If so then we have the ideal university for you.

As we begin a new academic year, we at Calvary Chapel University are not only excited to hear your story, but we also want to hear what God is doing or has been doing in your life. We’re different in that we offer degrees in ministry at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Our online degree programs are designed to be completed without having to relocate!

We offer an education centered on the Bible and our goal is to equip students to fulfill their potential in ministry. Our staff is composed of dedicated professors, experienced pastors and seasoned missionaries who are committed to seeing our students succeed.

Faith Based Christian University offers the opportunity for students to train for a life of ministry and seek the kingdom of God. They offer degrees in a wide variety of ministry fields, such as Family Ministries, Pastoral Counseling, Youth Ministries, and Church Music.

We offer an accredited, faith-based institution offering degree programs in ministry at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This is a new school where students can learn how to make an impact in their local community as well as the world through academic excellence.

Earn Your Biblical Degree From A Faith Based Christian University

Earn your Bible degree from Calvary Chapel University, a Faith Based Christian University that offers online learning. Not only do we offer online degrees, but classes are taught by the best instructors in the world. We know you want to learn from the best of the best and that’s why we teach about the King of Kings. Christian universities are growing so fast that they need a new source of quality graduates.

Find your dream job and embark upon a new career in the field of your choice. Calvary Chapel University is a Christian college that offers online degree programs to students. Our small, Christian campus is home to an academic community that helps you feel supported, grounded, and challenged in your faith. We encourage our students to live out their passion for God in their careers and personal lives, while providing them with the education they need and the opportunity to share the love of Christ with others.

You want to have a deep personal relationship with God? Join Calvary Chapel University, where you can learn about Christ, His teachings, and the deep truths that you need for a close personal relationship with God. Learn from biblical professors and other Christian peers from around the world without leaving your home.

If you are tired of the secular schools that encourage immoral behavior and leave you with a degree that’s useless, our university is the perfect solution. Our Christian university is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), and offers online degrees in Bible studies, theology, missions, church growth & history. Calvary Chapel University offers a 100% online degree program for students who want a higher education with a Christian worldview from afar.

Calvary Chapel University offers you the freedom and flexibility of a Faith Based Christian University. Our degrees are recognized by the US government and offered on an accelerated timeline to allow you to achieve your goals sooner. You’ll start at the beginning and work your way through, earning most of your credits in just a few short semesters.

At Faith Based Christian University, our goal is to equip students with the tools they need to be effective in their Christian walk. This includes the ability to engage in great conversations and solid biblical knowledge. Using a combination of online classes, personal interaction through weekly classes, and on-site interaction, we hope to meet every student’s needs.