Pastor Chapin and Christine Marsh CCU’s President and Key Partner leader visited the UK, Ireland and France recently to simply introduce CCU to folks and be a helper if their joy! Our team met with Calvary Chapel Pastors in Cambridge (special shout out to Pastors James, Daniel, Kevin, Steve and Kenny for their gracious and informative hospitality!), Bristol, Oxford, multiple church’s in London, France, as well as Plymouth, Cardiff and many other wonderful new friendships built. CCU is helping three pastors process starting Christian Schools.  Other pastors will be using our one year Bible College in a Box to start respectively Schools of, Ministry, Missions and Evangelism!

We were greatly enriched, blessed and humbled on this trip.  We already have three new CCU students attending as a result of our trip abroad.  We all share the same broader vision to: MAKE DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ! If you are interested in attending CCU, teaching at CCU or donating to CCU and/or need help starting a Christian School or your own School of Ministry, please connect with us and we will help you in every way we possibly can. We are grateful to God for such a fruitful trip (and keeping us safe driving on the left side…seriously tho!). Blessings!!