Football season is upon us and for fans of the sport it means that we gather on our couches and begin to watch these tremendous athletes run catch and kick the ball with fervor and enthusiasm! For many in America one of their favorite pastimes is watching athletes perform on the field trying to win the game for their fans!

Those who are in ministry are also in an intense game! But the stakes are much higher than the playoffs or Super Bowl We are on the field working hard every day to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! Honestly ministry can feel more like a war than a game sometimes and it can be very hard to try and win the battle for truth, the battle to bring the gospel to our communities and the battle to continue faithfully in our walk with Christ without the help of others.

Sometimes in the midst of the game it is very helpful to have coaches in our ear calling out plays from the sideline and encouraging us in the ministry that we have been called to. For a lot of us, Calvary Chapel University comes during a time in our lives where we are already fully engaged in ministry. When you are already involved in the work of the Lord, it is hard to find time to go away and study the scripture and study ministry full time without it severely impacting your ministry efforts. That’s where Calvary Chapel University comes in! We know that you are already playing the game, you are already fighting the war, you are already changing the world! We are not necessarily trying to teach you the fundamentals of ministry, but to help coach you in the midst of ministry!

Great coaches call out plays during the game, give comments and critiques, watch game tape with you and help you understand what you can do to improve the way that you do ministry. Great coaches are also constantly encouraging others to be the best they possibly can! That’s what we want to do for you! We want to coach you in the ministry that God has already called you to and prepared you for. We know that ministry can be hard, but it’s even harder to go alone!

At Calvary Chapel University we offer certificate programs, and undergraduate and graduate programs in Biblical Studies and Christian Education! In all of these degree programs you will be invited to join a community of believers who are following Jesus together, expanding our understanding through higher education and serving the Lord as He directs us! Let us be the helper of your joy and apply today! For more information visit