At Calvary Chapel University creating community online is not something that happens accidently, it is an integral part of the educational experience. We know that many of our students are serving the Lord in situations and places where they are not able to interact as often as they would like with like-minded ministry friends. CCU seeks to offer community that extends beyond the classroom and continues even after the completion of a fully-accredited degree!

Many students choose online education for its flexibility, this is very helpful to those serving the Lord full-time who cannot “get away” to finish or continue their education. Despite the virtual setting, Calvary Chapel University leverages technology to create an interactive and encouraging online learning experience. Our discussion boards are a major focus for our curriculum and enable students to connect with their classmates and instructors to develop continuing relationships!

“I thoroughly enjoyed my studies…I was not sure that I would, since it had been so long since I had taken courses in any setting. The professors were professional, and the interaction with fellow students online, was a huge part of what made the courses special as well.”
Donn Fisher – CCU Graduate – M.A.B.S, Biblical Leadership

Another benefit of this model of education is that you can form relationships with our amazing faculty! With small class sizes and personal feedback you will find that your professors are approachable and ready and willing to pray for you, offer academic guidance and encourage you in whatever the Lord may have for you!

“The professors at CCU hold either a Masters or a Doctorate Degree. Their interaction with me was both positive and professional. I was challenged and encouraged throughout my educational experience. I also grew tremendously because of our weekly courseroom discussion board. Topics were assigned and every student participated by sharing their thoughts. It was always insightful to read their perspective on the various subjects. We learned from each other!”
– Joe McTarsney – CCU Graduate – BABS, Biblical Leadership

We invite you to join the community of Calvary Chapel University! We offer certificate programs, and undergraduate and graduate programs in Biblical Studies and Christian Education! In all of these degree programs you will be invited to join a community of believers who are following Jesus together, expanding our understanding through higher education and serving the Lord as He directs us! Let us be the helper of your joy and apply today! For more information visit