Most college students number one concern when considering a university is the cost of tuition, and other expenses. The average 2021-2022 annual tuition for a public, four-year college was $10,740 for state residents, and $27,560 for out-of-state residents. In order to pay for that the average undergraduate student took out $6,470 in student loans! [1] That is a lot of debt to saddle yourself with, especially if you’re entering into ministry! Here at Calvary Chapel University we strive to help students graduate debt-free with their fully-accredited Ministry or Christian Education degrees!

At Calvary Chapel University we offer tuition scholarships to help make the dream of debt-free college graduation a reality!  Our already affordable tuition rates are reduced to assist those in ministry who really want to study and grow in their faith and calling! We offer these tuition discounts in order to be a helper of your joy, and as a way to be part of sending you into the world to reach it with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We pray that you will be able to finish your time with us holding a fully accredited degree, and being debt-free in Jesus’ name!

Has the Lord called you into ministry? At Calvary Chapel University we offer a fully online university to encourage you in your ministry calling by allowing you to pursue ministry while attending a Christian college. For more information visit







[1] 1. Ryan Wangman Liz Knueven, “Average Cost of College Tuition,” Business Insider, n.d., accessed October 10, 2023,